If you need to contact me for anything here is my info: Dan Mincu 613 883 5817, danmincu@gmail.com


Cottage address

95 (former 117)Chemin du lac Chauncey,

Mulgrave et Derry, QC, J8L 2W9, (819)282.7890





In Google maps(on phone etc) just type “Lac Chauncey”. Attention the iPhone maps have a wrong street labeled as <Ch du lac Chauncey>. Many GPS systems have the correct address. You can always use the latitude longitude of Lat 45.720587 Long -75.461531.

There is a small white plate on a tree with the 117 number, make sure you don’t miss it.

Many of my guests missed the exit from highway 309 to the road that takes you to the village, make sure you don’t do the same J


You will be provided with one single key for the side door of the cottage. It is opening the upper keylock of the side door. The front door that leads to the patio could be opened from the inside and it could stay open for the duration of your stay.


Feel free to park straight ahead under both left and right side of the big tree, or first right alley as you enter the property. One odd thing that happens to some of my friends is that birds from the forest are looking into the car mirrors and they “fight with the mirror and get your card dirty with bird poop”. The solution is to fold the mirrors if your vehicle permits it or just throw some bags on them.


Make sure everyone uses bug spray. Actually the most efficient is the a little bug cream similar to a hand cream, however as we are approaching mid-July less and less bugs will bother you.


Access point name: dd-wrt Password: romania123

The internet is via satellite therefore is not very fast and it’s limited to 40Gb per month – please use it responsibly. Due to high demand is possible in the weekend to be slower than usual. If I notice high usage of the internet I might need to charge you the over the limit bandwidth or shut it down. I found acceptable a usage of 1Gb per day

There is a TV and a Yamaha receiver. Use the hdmi cable and the first input(there are 4 big scene input buttons) in the receiver to connect your laptop. There is also a Popcorn hour media player – bring your own movies on a hard-drive.

The speakers are powerful use them responsible, especially after 11pm at night. Please leave the cover on the speakers.


The phone is an internet phone the number is (819)282.7890 and it provides free long distance. Keep in mind it has a bit of delay but it should work great. The more people are using the internet at the moment of your conversation the worst quality you will experience. Sometimes if you just redial the phone conversation is better.

Based on your provider cell phones might work outside closer to the water you should have 2 bar signal. I was able to talk and send txt messages from there – however don’t rely on it.


You cannot swim right off the dock the water is shallow. I am providing a pedal boat that you should take to the pontoon deck in the middle of the lake. Make sure you are using my pontoon and not the neighbours (see the next picture) and also make sure you tie the boat of the deck when not used.



To fish in Quebec you need a Quebec fishing licence. Should you not want to purchase a licence the lake is private and for many years no one was checked, however I am not encouraging to do this - you are on your own if you choose to do it without a licence.


The nearest convenience store is here https://maps.google.ca/?ll=45.684935,-75.471401&spn=0.000455,0.002411&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=45.684935,-75.471401&panoid=HnU5JuXjH3HiStIrjmX5BQ&cbp=11,179.68,,0,-2.9

The nearest town is Buckingham.

Big stores like Canadian tire and grocery stores are located here https://maps.google.ca/?ll=45.575187,-75.407324&spn=0.00404,0.009645&t=h&z=17



Water is potable but few will drink it. It is very ferrous and it has a slight odour. I usually add a little bit of chlorine as well. Because of the very high content in iron the water stains, the most stained is the toilette bowl, although is perfectly sanitized will have a dark colour. On top of the toilet you can find toilette paper. Very important: the cottage is on a septic tank make sure not to throw in the toilet anything like feminine hygiene products – the damages could be quite extensive.

I will provide a case of water plus a large 15l container of water – use it to load the smaller container that is next to the sink.

In case of an emergency the water could be stopped by cutting the power of the water pump. The fuses are to be found in the master bedroom. The water pump breaker could be found in the upper middle of the left column and is labeled “Pompe de l’eau”. Cut the power and you will stop the water flow.

Also in case of an emergency like power outage there is a oil lamp and couple of flashlights for you to use.


There are garbage bags under the sink is important for the guests to pack in those bags all the garbage prior to their departure. A gray garbage container will be provided sitting next to the entrance. I will also provide paper towel rolls.

Linens and towels

There will be provided both towels and linens for the 5 beds in the house.


Everything one need to cook is available. If you find food in the fridge or kitchen cabinets that doesn’t belong to you please refrain from using. It’s a cottage, so unfortunately there is no dishwasher. If you choose that you don’t want to wash dishes during your stay please use the paper plates you will find in one of the cabinets.

Utensils to clean and a small vacuum are also available, check the small room in front of the house.

Fire pit

Feel free to use the fire pit. There is wood lying on the ground next to the wooden patio table and also wood under a roofed area next to the shed. It would be preferable if you can use the wood from the ground first, however if that is not suitable because of its size or the fact is wet use the one next to the shed. Make sure you put the fire out when not supervised. Be extra careful during windy days.

Fireworks are also ok, just make sure not to use them past 10:30pm;


A small charcoal barbeque and bbq utensils are provided. Make sure you bring your own charcoal and fire starters.


A very interesting thing to see is the back mine. http://scubapedia.ca/index.php/Mine_Back

Here is the location  https://maps.google.ca/?ll=45.72478,-75.441935&spn=0.003678,0.009645&t=h&z=17

Is a long walk I recommend driving there with a truck of SUV the roads are quite rough. Worst case if you only have a small car drive half way and walk the rest.

There are three places to visit in the mine – the lower entrance, the upper entrance that allow to get in the galleries and you can walk all the way down and the panoramic view as depicted in the picture I took last week.

The water if very cold and I don’t think is suitable for swimming. On the way there is another lake that is good for both swimming and fishing (trout. See my comments about the licence though).

This mine used to be a feldspar mine belong to Johnson and Johnson same company that does the Colgate toothpaste, apparently the extracted rock was used to make dentures until the late 70s.